Saturday, February 27, 2010

Carnevale Di Venezia

Carnival in Venice
The history of Carnival in Venice goes back roughly 800 years. It is the most famous and most magnificent carnival in Europe and also one of the most fascinating ones in the world.
The Italian lagoon city with its unique charm, its canals, alleyways and squares embodies the atmosphere of times long ago.
The attraction of Venice seems to be mysteriously manifolding during Carnival time. The "masks" worn throughout Carnival stand for magic moments, romantic hopes and secret longings. The symbolism links back to the myths and fairytales of the people.
In its time of prosperity Venice was the European centre of amusement, festivity and love - and this awareness of life comes alive once a year for a period of about ten days filled with glamour and intrigue...

Pulcinella, hunchbacked and with a beaked nose, is the eternal bachelor and skirtchaser .... Ferrara, at Venice during the Carnival.
This particular painting is part of a collection of four pieces by the artist Vitorio Splendore made 22 years ago to decorate a music room at a Palazzo in Venice.

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