Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Fall" in Love

Collezione Piatto d'Argento

Vitorio Splendore was inspired by the beauty of rich and classic
Antique 18th Century Silver plates .
These are glamorous authentic hand painted
pieces with personalized monograms individually
designed making these paintings one of a kind pieces.

Prato Italy

In the old town centre you may visit the Castello dell'Imperatore,
a unique example of Swabian architecture in central-northern Italy,
the Romanesque-Gothic Duomo di S.Stefano
(frescoes by Paolo Uccello and Filippo Lippi) Palazzo Pretorio,
the Basilica of S. Maria delle Carceri, the Churches of S. Francesco
and S. Domenico, which host the works of great artists as
Agnolo Gaddi, Paolo Uccello, Filippo and Filippino Lippi,
Donatello and other famous artists of
the 13th century and of the Renaissance.

18th Century Palazzo

This gorgeous house is Casa Orlandi Guesthouse,
an 18th century palazzo in Prato, Italy.
It has been renovated by the Italian architect and founder
of b-arch studio Sabrina Bignami.
The frescoes are simply stunning.
They had to be restored as the old murals
were covered by wall painting. The painter of the frescoes was
Luigi Catani a very famous painter during
“Granducato di Toscana” in the 18th century.

Aren’t those bedrooms stunning?

19th Century French Palace's

These 2 panels were made to mimic the exquisite
19th Century French Palace's architecture and wonderful
interior decorations .The beautiful blue urns on pedestal are done
with Vitorio's newest technique ,using more
than 4 different layers of paint and special
products to achieve that antique distressed look

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The glamorous Paris

Whether you're strolling along the Seine or soaking up city life from a sidewalk café, you'll see why Paris is synonymous with the word style. Of course, you can't miss the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles and the Louvre. But be sure to spend a quiet moment in the Jardin de Tuileries and savor an éclair from a patisserie or a glass of Beaujolais in a romantic bistro. From culinary delights to cultural sights, haute couture to heady romance, Paris will tempt every one of your senses.

The French Style

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest
collection of frescoes inspired by the charming
streets of Paris and unique antique markets
with our whimsical style,European elegance and sophistication

The Paris Opera House

Is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
It contains levels beyond levels of cellars, fountains,
chandeliers and even its own ghost!
The history of this performance hall is dark and interesting,
and spans from architecture to literature and music.

Paris is a land of architectural details

You see them everywhere on the streets. Here is a compilation of The Statues of Paris.

European elegance and sophistication

sophistication to pull off a mix of art, antiques and the latest
fashions and then, created the french atmosphere ,
the painting
is part of TWS newVintage Collection
inspired by old Parisien lifestyle .

Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style: 1800-1815

The Empire Style focused on a heavy use of symbols
to convey the message of Napoleon's power.
The designs took inspiration from Greco-Roman
antiquity but with a French twist. They were enlivened with
bold colors, costly and elaborately worked materials,
done on a massive scale and ornate decoration
that includes animal and fantastical figures such as lions,
griffons and symbolic references to Napoleon's reign.

Epaulettes that fitted with the favorite uniform of Napoleon

Sunday, September 13, 2009

South Beach Style

Beyond the radiant sun, surf and sand, discover Miami Beach’s rich history as an entertainment and cultural destination, from world-famous Art Deco architecture to renowned nightclubs to designer fashions on Collins Avenue and Lincoln Road.
There’s so much going on in Miami Beach, you’ll need an extra hour to enjoy everything that makes this city so vibrant. As the world’s elite playground, Miami Beach promises a 25-hour day; and whether you are an arts enthusiast, foodie, shopaholic, socialite or sun worshipper, there are plenty of options for where to spend that extra hour (or at least wish you had).
we’re talking about south beach at the ocean, with waves and tides, salt air and seaweed. Freshwater beaches are all very pleasant, and they have a time and but there’s something special about a day at the seaside.Enjoy Miami,every day is a summer day.

Corals and Sea shells

Creating Vizcaya

Vizcaya was the winter residence of American industrialist James Deering from Christmas 1916 until his death in 1925. Deering was a Vice President of the International Harvester Company, which produced agricultural equipment for a worldwide market. He chose a bayfront site in Miami for his tropical winter home because of the location’s temperate winter climate and his appreciation of the native hardwood hammock. In addition, his father, William, had already settled in Coconut Grove and his half brother, Charles Deering, would soon develop an estate at Cutler, in what is now south Miami-Dade County. The latter is now operated as The Deering Estate at Cutler.

In addition, Vizcaya is a lens through which to learn about art, interior design, architecture, landscape design, horticulture, and the environment, as well as the role of internationalism in the history of the United States and Miami.
The works of art in the US Capitol

Reflect the development of the United States and the Congress. They range from bronze and marble statues to oil portraits and frescoed murals. Their subjects include prominent Americans, important moments in history, and allegorical representations of the nation's ideals.

Statue of Freedom

The Senate Appropriations Room

Designed by Constantino Brumidi who was hired
to create murals for the U.S. Capitol in 1855.
The murals are based on Brumidi's study of
Pompeian wall decoration.

Venetian 18 century Style

Vitorio Splendore Began his career restoring
some of Italy's most important palazzos and
murals. In this collection of Venetian Painting
his inspiration is a classical 18 century art.
This is one of our original pieces.

The Apotheosis of Washington
and a detail therefrom, 1865, Capitol of the United States.
By Constantino Brumidi

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lars Bolander's pick

We were so happy when the renowned
Interior Designer Lars Bolander

picked this piece as his favorite out of
our line and extremely proud

to see it in his own house .

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Sign
Antique shield (scutum) was built mainly from flat strips of wood that were laid at right angles to each other.We found an antique shield in Venice , got very inspired by the work and adapted into our new sign.

High Design

Our show in Atlanta July 2009
International Gift Market

Rome Italy

Modernity and antiquity collide in the city of Rome. The former capital of a massive empire, Rome is a study of contrasts. Once thought of as the center of the known universe, Rome has a rich, diverse collection of historical landmarks and contemporary attractions. Rome, Italy features a one-of-a-kind beauty that simply must be experienced in person. The ancient city of Rome invites lovers of culture, history and architecture, but it’s the vast array of shops, cuisine and entertainment options that keeps travelers coming back for more.
Our last trip to Italy
Harry's Bar: The Life & Times of the Legendary Venice Landmark,
by Arrigo Cipriani

Bellini Basics
The true Bellini is Zen-like in it's simplicity -- a mixture of white peach puree and Prosecco. That said, there are many variations and offshoots. If you can't get white peach puree or white peaches to make your own puree, you can use canned peach nectar instead. It's not nearly as good as the real thing... sometimes. In other words, it's better to use canned peach nectar than peach puree made from flavorless or out of season peaches.

While Prosecco (an dry Italian sparkling wine) was used in Giuseppi Cipriani's original Bellini, you can also any dry Champagne or sparkling wine. Making Bellinis is a great way to use up your leftover New Year's Eve bubbly.

The recipe links below will give you proper proportions for a classic Bellini as well as some interesting variations on the original concept.

Venezia. The name stirs romantic thoughts of gondola rides steered by colorful gondoliers in striped shirts, singing "O Solo Mio". No other destination conjures such a vivid image of place at the mention of its name. A picture of a gondola with standing gondolier and an arched bridge in the background is iconic Venice. Every other destination wishes they were so lucky, as every one wishes they were in Venice!

I have a picture of Venice in my mind. While exploring the labyrinth of streets one afternoon I rounded a corner and came upon a curious sight. A stream of tourists flowed through the narrow 15th century street in front of me. It looked like a giant centipede moving over ancient arched bridges across narrow canals, pushing ever forward to Piazza San Marcos. b
ridges across narrow canals, pushing ever forward to Piazza San Marcos.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Flag of Veneto
Is the one of the old Republic of Venice, fallen in 1797 with Napoleon's conquest. It represents a winged lion which puts its paw on a book with a latin inscription. The lion is the symbol of the Evangelist Mark, who is said to have stopped, on a Venetian island, during one of his joumeys. There an angel ( who is symbolized by the lion's wings ) appeared to him and greeted him saying : "Peace be with you, Mark, my Evangelist ". He also told him he would rest there after his death. Mark was buried in Alexandria in Egypt, controlled by the Muslim. His remains were stolen by the Venetians, who hid them under a load of pork meat, and then they arrived in Venice in 828. There it was built the wonderful St Mark basilica in order to keep St Mark's remains . Since then the winged lion was the symbol of the free Republic of Venice . In times of peace it was represented with its paw on the book, in times of war with the unsheathed sword . Since 1866 when Veneto was annexed to Italy, the winged lion , with its paw on the book has been the symbol of our region."

Congratulations to LoForti

Tws is very proud to announce the launching of the new Lo Forti fine prints web site ,customers will finally be able to experience what a hand colored fine print quality really is .
Congratulations Vinnie .

Hello from Jack

My name is Jack I am very happy because today is my 7th birthday
" Chinoisiere" ... it is all about being trendy ,yet classic ..
Our latest interpretation of these always chic and classic chinoisiere
blue and white Urns

Original venetian painting by TWS .